Conference and event management is a complex affair and our clients need to be confident that it will be undertaken to the highest standards. We hope, in this short introduction, to assure you of our expertise and professionalism. With our unrivalled local knowledge, proven track record and contacts you can rely upon us to handle all aspects of your event from start to finish.

Based on our broad professional expertise, international background, protocol knowledge and press relations, our services will appeal to a broad range of local and multinational companies, financial institutions, international organisations and legal firms.

We deal with all aspects of event management, from beginning to end, from business meetings to large international conferences. It is our first priority to serve our clients at the highest possible level.

We can also meet particular requests such as preparing a programme for a special event, advice on protocol-related matters (programmes for delegations, drafting invitations, arranging ceremonial dinners, setting up seating arrangements, selecting appropriate gifts, sending flowers, etc.).

Our office provides an international language environment.

We are also able to provide media relations advice, to suit your requirements.

How do you measure the success of an event? To do so it is important to identify what you wish to chieve through the event. Your guests wish to enjoy a useful and entertaining occasion. You wish to make lasting local contacts with whom you can do business in the future. With BonEvent's understanding of the local environment you can be confident that your guests will leave with the very best impression of your organisation.

(lat.) The name says it all.